eva’s Seething, Gloriously Trashy, Dark Glam Goth Song “venacava” is Also Pure Rock and Roll

Eva, photo courtesy the artist

In under three minutes Los Angeles band eva packs a lot of power and imaginative songwriting into its single “venacava.” Practically the whole history of post-punk, dark glam and 80s New Wave Goth is deconstructed and put back together in a song that crackles with a brash energy with an appeal beyond the obvious. It’s raw and sleazy guitar riff reminiscent of Daniel Ash gives way to a Gary Numan-esque robotic mid-secton with nods to Fad Gadget’s depth of field. The vocals are in your face with the guitar the way a gloriously borderline trashy glam band should be. But underlying this aggressive stance is a rich background of electronics giving a sense of space that in the end is the most surprising and striking with the contrast. Bold and introspective both, “venacava” hits many emotional spots in your field of listening in a way rare in the current field of post-punk and the new dark wave. It is unabashedly rock and roll and shamelessly arty.


Author: simianthinker

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