Tony Njoku’s “HAPLESS” is a Wry and Melanchoy Trip to Sonic Weirdsville

Tony Njoku, single cover, cropped

Tony Njoku uses truly unconventional sounds and layers of rhythm on “HAPLESS.” A mid-range bass line seems to be the through line in the song but the sounds of springing and warping synths, staccato synth figures, whorls of ethereal tone like something from the welcome screen of a 90s video game, what seem to be the sharp, insistent samples of insect noises amplified or a typewriter EQ’d to sound like sub-industrial clicks and Njoku presiding over this organized chaos like a trickster omniscient narrator reflecting on his life and changing aural shape at will. No need to slap a genre designation on this song but fans of Prefuse 73 and Autechre will appreciate Njoku’s sonic gyrations and trips to colorful Weirdsville. His next album is due to drop in October but for now listen below and follow Njoku at the link provided.

Author: simianthinker

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