“Never Look Back” From Rainbow Riots India is a New Disco Anthem to the Inevitability of LGBT Rights Being Seen as Human Rights Globally

Rainbow Riots India is a compilation of music featuring LGBT artists from India and released through the Rainbow Riots organization. The video for “Never Look Back” isn’t just a music video, it’s a documentary short about Paras, a member of Dancing Queens. Though the music is written and produced by Rainbow Riots founder and creative director Petter Wallenberg, an artist and musician in his own right in Sweden, the performances showcase the talents of noteworthy Indian musicians including, for “Never Look Back,” India’s first openly lesbian singer Pragya Pallavi. The song is reminiscent of Madonna circa the early 90s or Donna Summer and her collaborations with Giorgio Moroder in that sense of forward momentum into a more fulfilling future. At a time when the cultural currents of reactionary politics are trying to turn back the clock on progress in the realm of furthering human rights, this documentary shows how even in a fairly conservative country like India that strides are being made and the song the triumphant embodiment of those efforts. Watch the video below and check out more Rainbow Riots content at the link provided.


Author: simianthinker

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