HELGA’s “Haunted” is Imbued With an Ineffable Sense of the Sinister

HELGA, photo by Erik Larsson of Apocalypse Orchestra

HELGA’s origin story to some extent is that she lives in a cabin in the forests of Dalarna, Sweden where her main companion is her guitar and, one would presume, communing with her own demons and the ghosts of her ancestors. The video for her “Haunted” single appears to be the story of a bride who killed her wealthy husband and now wracked with guilt faces the consequences of her actions in the community and to her own psyche. While it may be sort of horror story it’s also a metaphor for feeling as though you’ve take action in your life with irrevocable negative consequences. The guitar swirls around driving drums in and out with abstract tones and fiery riffing. Visually its reminiscent of Valhalla Rising or The Witch with the colors, the pacing and the ineffable sense that something sinister is afoot just out of conscious perception. Epic in its melodramatic strains, “Haunted” sounds exactly like it is so. HELGA recently performed her first lives shows accompanied by Jonathen Hulten of Tribulation and the photographs from the event are promising.  Watch below and follow HELGA at the links provided. The Autumn Lament EP is due out later in the summer.


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