Port Lucian’s Command of Tonal Flow and Mood on “Lucid Dreaming” is Breathtaking

Port Lucian, photo courtesy the artist

The creamy roil of melody, the drawn out guitar strum shimmer, ghostly harmonic synth drone and warm but distant vocals—all of that sets Port Lucian’s “Lucid Dreaming II” apart from most lo-fi bedroom shoegazers. The way Portia Maidment arranges the layers to mutually enhance while drawing you into the experience evoked by the song is remarkable. It’s tempting to compare her music to that of the likes of Flying Saucer Attack, Grouper, Midwife and Mojave 3 because of the expert use of space and dynamics with an intuitive knack for natural rhythms suggested by the flow of sounds. That and the use of guitar as both a textural and almost purely tonal instrument like another synth. Listen on Spotify and follow Port Lucian at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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