Asian She’s Video for “Competitive Mourning” is a Revenge-Themed Horror Thriller In Miniature

Asian She’s video for “Competitive Mourning” has a visual style and thematic elements akin to something dreamed up by Darren Aronofsky or Jordan Peele and a short, dark, revenge-themed horror thriller. Musically the song is a series of descending progressions that switch to minor chords that give the overall mood a sinister quality even though the main guitar melody is jangle-y and bright and is essentially about the kind of performative online behavior engendered by the social media age even when it comes to matters that seem like they should be private. The members of Asian She include Thomas Froggett of She Wants Revenge, frontman Noah Lebenzon and former Peal Jam drummer Dave Krusen and the amalgam of that, if “Competitive Mourning” is any example, is a bit like a cross between Tom Petty and Cursive. The single comes from the group’s forthcoming EP, Kiss Under Kareem, due out in July through L.A. Hall of Records. Follow the group at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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