Lucius and The Silver Lake Chorus Evoke a Freshness of Spirit With the Dreamlike and Melancholy “Not Not”

The Silver Lake Chorus is no stranger to taking songs written for it by indie musicians (for example, Sia, Tegan and Sara and Bon Iver), and “Not Not” is a collaboration with the band Lucius in partnership with Van Dyke Parks (who is and should be known widely beyond his work with The Beach Boys) and producer Luke Top (of Fool’s Gold fame). The song with the impressive vocal harmonies and minimal instrumentation have the lightness and freshness suggested in the music video. And contained with it a clandestine melancholy represented by the dreamlike and surreal aspect of the visuals which seems somewhere between late-80s David Lynch, Heathers and a Los Angeles edition of Portlandia. Transcending such comparisons, The Silver Lake Chorus’ exquisite vocals shine on their own which the low key musical accompaniment highlights and accents with a masterful touch. Follow the group at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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