JAF 34’s Video For “Now” is a Powerful Commentary on Our Over-Mediated Age

JAF 34, image courtesy the artist (cropped)

Episodic, segmented, mediated, captured, documented, stored away, surface level memory, endless variety, life connected.referenced to popular culture artifacts, organic and meaningful choices channeled into a product delivered to us by phone. That’s the world, the modern world in which we too often find ourselves. Musically the track is brilliantly peppered with sonic fragments to reflect this flow of information that bombards us all day but in the background of the background is the reminder that we have a voice and an existence that transcends the ways in which we’ve been taught and taught ourselves to interact with the world and other humans. When the static and samples fade out into minimal strings and hushed vocals talking about stopping and observing the world as it is instead of through a screen, JAF 34 seems to have reached an authentic human place in the song and how crucial it is to be there and be present whenever we can. Watch below and follow JAF 34’s further musical and multi-media adventures at the link provided.


Author: simianthinker

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