“We Will All Die” by MIRRORS is the Sound of Urban Pre-Gentrification Apocalypse

Mirrors, photo courtesy the artist

The cycling sequence of bright tones transitioning to more distorted yet still melodic sounds and vocoder is a familiar element in modern electronic music of a certain stripe that taps into 80s synthesizer music. What MIRRORS does on “We All Will Die,” though, is bring in some sequenced rhythms that work in counterpoint to the main progression giving the track a subtle weightiness that anchors the song into a lived experience like memories of living in a warehouse district and waking up earlier than you might otherwise and seeing the dawn start to break and the city coming back to life. Granted, such imagery is more or less long gone from Seattle where Sean Goldie of MIRRORS calls home by a decade, the song captures that cusp of a time when American cities of some size still had plenty of urban decay and creative people could find a place to flourish before rampant gentrification came and poached virtually every space. The song is the sound of pre-Apocalypse where everything feels normal and that it could go on for years but part of you knows it will come to an end sooner than you’re ready. Give “We Will All Die” or the new MIRRORS EP Homesick in its entirety a listen and follow Goldie’s further exploits at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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