Jake Morse Tells it Like it is With Wit and Brevity on “Oh Say (Can You See What’s Wrong?)”

Jake Morse, photo courtesy the artist

On “Oh Say (Can You See What’s Wrong?)” Jake Morse says more in a little over a minute about America’s cultural conflicts and being an aware human than many other artists say in an song three times as long or even on an entire album. From immigration, colonialism, sexism, performative patriotism and more, Morse comments deftly on it all. His call to trying for something as simple as being a better person and not giving up on the good is delivered with an honesty, spareness and humor. The video looks like it’s taken place offhandedly in some working class suburban neighborhood but that just makes it a little more relatable than something filmed to be more exotic or imbued with urban cool. Listen/watch below and follow Morse at the links provided as he releases a music video a month.



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