Josie Dunne’s Alternate Version of “Same” Displays a Gift for Using Simple Elements to Express Complexity of Feeling

Josie Dunne, still from “Same”

The ukulele can be a played out affectation these days but Josie Dunne has made it into a vehicle for setting the perfect sonic accompaniment to nuanced, mixed emotions. It helps to render the melody luminous alongside her gentle vocal cadences and taste synth like a breeze one imagines the figure in the video would encounter on her ride to sort out her thoughts and feelings on a nice day when peace of mind allows the room for exploring your real feelings rather than what you think they should be or what you’re told they should be when you can take the luxury of getting outside your usual contexts and confines. The simple elements come together so well including the video in which nothing seems to happen that it highlights Dunne’s tenderly thoughtful lyrics. The original is a solid pop song but this alternate version of “Same” is striking. Watch/listen to the video below and to keep up with Dunne you can visit her website and find her through the usual social media channels.

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