Tash’s “Dreaming” is the Perfect Song for Introspective Rainy Afternoons

Tash, photo courtesy the artist

Who can’t relate to Tash’s words in her new song “Dreaming” in which she sings of regret wishing the mysterious experience in question had only been a dream. The song is introspective and smoky, Tash’s expressive vocals are mildly breathy and reminiscent of Fiona Apple-esque at her jazzy best. The musical accompaniment a sort of progressive, smooth jazz with plucked, minimal guitar lead underneath a gentle strum that holds the rhythm almost as much as the beautifully accented drumming. The subtle phasing in the ultra tasteful processing of sounds gives the song a timeless quality like Tash could have been touring with Sade in the 80s or performing in a hip after hours club at the space port of an intergalactic hub. Exotic yet familiar, this downtempo gem seems like a perfect song for a spring afternoon post-rain shower. With the song produced and arranged by Mark J. Feist (who has produced for, oh, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Tyga and many others not to mention his impressive songwriting credentials), it will hopefully find a wider audience outside Tash’s home country of Australia. Take in the song for yourself below.

Author: simianthinker

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