“People Can Change” by Troy Meadows is Like Bill Callahan after a Beefheart Bender

Troy Meadows, photo courtesy the artist

Troy Meadows is the project name for the songwriting of D. Klein from North Jersey. The song “People Can Change” is remarkable for its unusual arrangements and insistent percussion, which can be an odd listen at first but the textures have a charm that jibes well with the almost shouted, clipped vocal line. In some ways it’s like if the Minutemen had done a Bruce Cockburn cover or Bill Callahan after a Trout Mask Replica bender. The guitar cadence initially seems at odds with every other element but the masterfully accented, interlocking rhythms gives the impression of compound time also giving it hypnotic quality that is so not obvious it’s only after listening to the song at least a couple of times that it hits you. The album from which “People Can Change” hails is 2018’s Adelaide and you can delve more into Klein’s unique musical vision at troymeadowsmusic.com and troymeadows.bandcamp.com.

Author: simianthinker

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