Jack Simchak’s “Tonight” Strikes a Hopeful Chord in the New Dark Age

Jack Simchak, photo courtesy the artist

Jack Simchak’s influences and inspirations are obvious on his song “Tonight.” With the lightly flangered guitar (The Cure), spare drum fills (Joy Division) and understated but foundational bass lines (The Smiths) Simchak makes no bones. But with his gently soulful, Steve Kilbey-esque vocals circa Remote Luxury and broad but subtle dynamic range, Simchak’s songwriting pushes what might otherwise be considered throwback into the realm of the modern. The artwork seemingly referencing Unknown Pleasures and Peter Saville’s artwork in general is likely no accident. But, again, with the colors and change of angles it suggests another era, one that is as bleak for many as the neo-liberal takeover was in the early 80s for people then now living under the regimes of what Bertram Gross termed “Friendly Fascism.” But today’s is arguably less friendly and the threat of nuclear annihilation once again no less distant. “Tonight” may have a dusky melody but suggests a spark of hope in the darkness even if that resistance can seem as simple as pursuing a potential love interest. Listen to the spare and glittering beauty of the song below.

Simchack is a multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, NY and he performed the music and recorded it in his home studio. He plays in various bands around NYC and you can keep up with his endeavors at his Facebook page. facebook.com/jacksimchakmusic

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