emzae’s “Another Lesson Learnt” Charts a Heartfelt Path to Finding the Answers Within Minus Any Platitudes

Emzae @ HH 2018
emzae at Hockey Hustle circa 2018, photo by Lucy Beth Photography

Since beginning to share her self-produced music online in 2014, emzae, a songwriter based in Derby, UK, has navigated the vagaries of mental illness to making music that is striking, emotionally rich and imaginatively produced. She really has a knack for expressing the moods and modes of the mind as it struggles with conflicting or negatively repetitive messaging in a way that is accessible and relatable to anyone truly honest with themselves. Her latest song “Another Lesson Learnt” follows in the wake of the success of her tracks “Lucid Dreaming” and “Glory.” “Another Lesson Learnt” is a downtempo, melancholic, introspective piece but one that feels like a processing of the notion of yearning for validation through other people and the fantasies and unrealistic expectations involved when resolving that root of those desires are possible within our own minds.

Emzae’s tracks seem to be companions to her incredibly thoughtful and insightful blog posts discussing her successes, challenges and general thinking. Reading her words on various subjects is an great reminder to be patient with and kind to yourself as a method of keeping oneself on a fruitful path to a more fulfilling life long term. You can read the blog and learn more about the artist for yourself at emzaemusic.com and follow her work and music at any of the links below.

Twitter: twitter.com/emzaemusic
Facebook: facebook.com/emzaemusic
Instagram: instagram.com/emzaemusic
Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/07o9bmQoF82RqJz4ey7oJr
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/emzae

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